Here, is our purpose.

At Peaceful Living, the people we serve are unique, valuable individuals with special gifts to offer the world. It’s our calling to build belonging for every one of them.

We are here to empower the best versions of themselves, and help them discover and realize their unique potential.

A place built for belonging.

For over two decades, Peaceful Living’s mission has been to create belonging through:


Here, you’re never alone. We build relationships between people with disabilities, team members, and folks in the community through mutual trust, understanding, admiration, and encouragement.

Holistic Care

Here, everyone learns to live balanced lives across their minds, bodies, and spirits. Together, we learn that community includes the whole self, and together, we are made whole.

Enthusiasms Appreciated

Everyone contributes in their own special way. We acknowledge these contributions through sincere positive enthusiasm, encouraging individuals to share their unique gifts with the world.


We help open doors for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities within the community so that they have every opportunity to thrive.


Fully committed to both the people they lead, and the men and women in each Peaceful Living program, our executive team includes:

Leland Sapp, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Czekner, Vice President of Finance

Lisa Musselman, Vice President of Operations

Juanita R. Nyce, Vice President of Mission Engagement

Our Board

Keith Stuckey, President

Steve Schwendy, Vice President

Gretchen Maysek, Secretary

Gary Brown, Treasurer

Brian Gourley

Pam Kelly

Joe Mathew

Phil Roth

What’s new at Peaceful Living?

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