Nurse – Care Coordinator (NCC)- Harleysville, PA

Peaceful Living is seeking a Nurse – Care Coordinator to create high quality belonging by navigating the medical needs of individuals entrusted to our care according to the mission, vision, and values of Peaceful Living. The primary focus of the Nurse – Care Coordinator is to monitor and coordinate the overall medical care for all individuals served, by scheduling medical appointments, follow-up care, and ensuring the proper implementation of physician’s orders to ensure the health and safety of each individual, while maintaining all medical documentation and medical charts in accordance with the 6400 and ICF/ID regulations.

We offer 23.82/hour, and to our full-time employees, a benefits package which includes:

  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Short Term / Long Term Disability
  • Retirement Plan
  • Paid Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Referral Bonus Program

Essential Job Functions

  • Coordinates and schedules medical appointments for each individual to ensure regulatory compliance and the best possible health and safety of each person, as needed
  • In conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), is responsible for the development and updating of the Lifetime Medical History, annually at the time of the ISP
  • Prepares 90 day reviews and participates in ISP meetings
  • Provides direct care to individuals as needed to ensure regulatory compliance and and the best possible health and safety of each person, as needed
  • Monitors the medications, by working closely with the Pharmacy, Assistant Directors, Community Homes Supervisors, and employees, to ensure that medications are ordered and administered in accordance with physicians’ orders, monitor effects, side effects, and use of resident medications in alignment with best nursing practices.
  • Monitors medication orders, coordinating orders, and delivery of medications from pharmacy, logging in of medications on the Medication Administration Record (MARs), through the use of the eMAR system, and the addition/discontinuation of medications throughout the month
  • Relays pertinent medical information to IDT members, such as parents, supervisor and support employees, training team members as needed to ensure the best possible medical care of each person served
  • Assists in medical appointments, including routine visits, emergency care, hospitalization, and psychiatric treatment
  • Obtains/transcribes physicians’ orders
  • Performs routine and as needed nursing assessments including but not limited to: vital signs, reported signs of illness, post-fall, post-incident, post-accident, post-seizure (as per seizure protocol)
  • Completes consultation paperwork, pre and post appointments, updates Client Medical Profiles accordingly
  • In conjunction with the other Practicum Observers, completes MAR reviews for Medication Certified Staff, to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Trains Peaceful Living employees in medical care of residents, including routine orientation topics and ongoing trainings as needed to ensure quality of care
  • Maintains medical chart for each individual served in accordance with the 6400 and 6600 regulations
  • Enters and maintains information in the HRST (Health Risk Screening Tool) in accordance with the Department of Human Services
  • Maintains the Health Record System
  • Works with Program Specialist/QIDP to develop and implement ongoing health care related goals/outcomes for individuals
  • Attends Residential Services department meetings with Director of Residential Services, Assistant Directors of Residential, QIDP, and other team members, to review the medical appointment calendar, relay important information, and discuss the medical needs of each individual
  • Maintains ongoing contact with family members, Supports Coordinators, and other stakeholders as needed to ensure good communication and quality care for each individual served
  • Works with Director of Residential Services, Assistant Directors of Residential Services, QIDP, Program Specialist, Community Home Supervisors, Finance department and other team members to ensure proper medical billing for each resident, based on insurance coverage


Certificates and Licenses:

  • Must maintain a valid (state of residence) driver’s license and driving approval from Peaceful Living
  • Must maintain a current PA nursing license
  • Must maintain the ability function as a Medication Administration Practicum Observer



Current LPN or RN license from the state of Pennsylvania and 2 years of work experience directly supporting individuals with an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities



Location: Harleysville, PA

Job Type: Full-Time

Discipline: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities