Types of Gifts

Board members, employees, family members, participants, volunteers, friends, faith communities, foundations, corporations, and service organizations generate unrestricted funds that are directed to the areas of greatest need—and with the greatest potential for impact. Every gift matters. Make yours today.

Individuals can designate contributions using our online giving form. If you have a creative idea or want to explore new opportunities, contact the Mission Engagement Office for more information.

Contributions to the endowment fund enable Peaceful Living to meet its long-term strategic goals. Top priorities include funding to launch new programs and services, attract and retain gifted team members, and ensure capital improvements to meet evolving program needs. To explore opportunities, contact us by phone at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096, or by email.

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give. Pick the one that works best for you.

Your gift will be applied to the unrestricted annual fund and support Peaceful Living’s core programs. If you would like to designate your gift for a specific program, simply indicate your preference in the memo line of your check. To contribute, simply mail your gift to: Peaceful Living, Attn: Mission Engagement, 569 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA 19438

For your convenience, one-time and recurring gifts to Peaceful Living can be made using our online giving form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation via email and a receipt, mailed separately.

If you have a donor advised fund, you may request that Peaceful Living be the recipient of a grant.

you can contribute online, call Mission Engagement at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096, or write a check and send it to: Peaceful Living, Attn: Mission Engagement, 569 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA 19438. Notify us of the name of the person you wish to commemorate and the name(s) of any family members whom you would like us to notify.

and lower your taxable income without impacting your checking or savings account balances. By giving from your IRA, you satisfy your minimum distribution requirements without paying any taxes on those distributions.

their employees' contributions to nonprofit organizations. Many companies continue to match gifts made by employees even after retirement. In most cases, you will need to fill out a form provided by your company and enclose it with your gift to Peaceful Living. We will do the rest.

through contributions made by payroll deduction. Contributions are deducted before taxes, and can make a significant impact when added up over the course of a year. Employees can download, print, and complete the payroll deduction form, then return it to the Mission Engagement department for processing.

to realize tax savings, and to insure the security of your heirs – all while making a significant gift to Peaceful Living. To learn more about financial and estate planning, please contact Mission Engagement by phone at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096 or email.

advise your banker or broker the number of shares of each security you wish to donate, and instruct them to contact Peaceful Living at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096, or by email for transfer instructions. The date of your gift for valuation purposes is the date on which the securities pass from your control, regardless of when you instructed your broker to transfer them. The amount of your gift for gift crediting purposes will be based on the mean market value of the high and the low share price of each security on the date of transfer. For securities held by you in certificate form, please contact Mission Engagement at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096 for instructions on how to send them securely.

Designate Peaceful Living by selecting code #52532 through your employer’s United Way Donor Choice Program.